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Service Now

We live in a fast-changing world and Fikra pioneers in leveraging the best of the ServiceNow platform and making the world better for everyone

Key Differentiator

Assessment Platform
ITOM and ITSM Solution Accelerators
Platform Health Check
Fast track Development Framework

Our Services

A service is a transaction in which no physical goods are transferred from the seller to the buyer.

Implementation Services

  • End-to-end Implementations across workflows
  • Development and Customization Services & Custom App
  • Process Automations
  • Service Portal AI Ops & ChatBots
  • Integrations/Integration Hub & Orchestrations
  • Customer Onboarding and user training

Platform governance & Upgrades

  • Platform Governance Planning & Upgrade roadmap
  • Platform Health check, Upgrade planning and preparation
  • Upgrade testing plan and guidance
  • Document Upgrade Processes – Writing Test Suite. ATF
  • Review upgrade history and skip logs
  • Validate and Fix, Upgrade Prod
  • Hypercare

Migration Services

  • Migration strategy and roadmap
  • Assessment and Recommendation
  • Migration consulting, Data migration and integrations
  • QConfiguration and customizations
  • uality assurance
  • Customer onboarding & User trainings

Discovery and CMDB

  • CMDB health check and Recommendation and Remediation
  • Design and Solution of Discovery and CMDB
  • CMDB in the conceptual Common Service Data Model (CSDM)
  • Implementation and Hyper care

Reporting and Dashboard

  • Persona-driven dashboard
  • Ad-hoc reporting
  • On-Prem reporting tool and integration with ServiceNow
  • Performance Analytics based intelligent reporting

Support Services

  • Support Services ( L-1, L-2 and L-3)
  • System administration and performance monitoring
  • Operations Support & Bug fixing
  • Regular solution health checks and security audits
  • ServiceNow functionality expansions
  • Release Management