Innovation Tech

Business needs cutting-edge technologies including and cloud potential with innovative tech.

Innovation Tech

AI / Analytics for bussiness | Fkra IT

Fikra believes in continuing innovation to cope up  the fast- changing world. We are heavily invested in technology innovation and engineering services. We deliver innovative solutions for tomorrow by leveraging the power of software, data, connectivity and intelligence. the best-in-class technologies i.e. ML/AI, Cloud-PaaS/SaaS, Microsoft and ServiceNow etc.  Our skilled can help in design and building of a digital roadmap, foundation and end-to-end digital transformation 

Service Offering

Services provided by Fikra for Business needs cutting-edge technologies.


Enterprise Digital Platform

Reinvent your business  by adoption  digital-transformation strategy comprise of that guarantees seamless customer experience, technology acceleration,  Low code driven innovation 

Cloud Computing

Transform to cloud platform enable the way for maximizing productivity and growth through scale, resiliency, and performance.

Digital commerce / Omni-Channel Engagement

Harness the power of whole organization to serve the customer. Next-generation omnichannel experiences for digital commerce.

Data Analytics

Persona-driven real-time dashboard helping in decision making with a robust data architecture to extract business value.